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Ouvrir l'actualité 15/06/2018 : Matthieu Mercier Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse
"Settling particles in a stratified fluid" En savoir plus
Ouvrir l'actualité 23/03/2018 : Anne-Laure Biance, UMR 5306- ILM- Campus de la Doua, Villeurbanne
Dynamic of a topological rearrangement in a bubble assembly En savoir plus
Titre de l'actualité 15/03/18 : Chesnokov Alexander - Novosibirsk State University

séminaire exceptionnel jeudi 15 mars à 11h en salle 250 à l’IUSTI

Dispersive and hydrostatic models of breaking waves on shallow water

Chesnokov Alexander - Novosibirsk State University

The main goal of the talk is to present a method for constructing mathematical models of breaking waves. The proposed approach is based on a two-layer modelling, where the upper turbulent layer is considered within the framework of shear shallow water flows while the lower layer is potential and can be described by the Serre-Green-Naghdi or Saint-Venant type models. The interaction between the layers is taken into account through a natural mixing process. The obtained models correctly describe the vorticity generation and turbulent bores. Moreover, the dispersive model allows us to describe the transition from an undular bore to a breaking bore. We also derive a two-layer model for the interaction between a bubbly shear layer and long internal waves over topography. The corresponding numerical results on the formation of large amplitude internal waves, including periodic and damped oscillating solutions, are presented. This work was done in collaboration with S.L. Gavrilyuk and V.Yu. Liapidevskii.

Ouvrir l'actualité 23/02/2018 - Flamant Gilles - PROMES, Odeillo
Les particules, nouveau fluide de transfert et matériau de stockage pour les centrales solaires thermiques de troisième génération En savoir plus
Ouvrir l'actualité 09/02/2018 : Lajeunesse Eric - IPGP, Paris
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Ouvrir l'actualité 06/12/2017 : Gennady El - Loughborough University
Dispersive shock waves in integrable and non-integrable systems En savoir plus
Ouvrir l'actualité 22/09/2017 : M. Chinaud
Etude de la coalescence d’une goutte en présence de polymères et de surfactants En savoir plus

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